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Bolster Cushion - Honey Dew Melon Ecru

$150.00 / Coming Soon

*PLEASE NOTE - We are waiting on a shipment of one of the inner materials we use. These will be available to order after the first week of May.
You can also buy our cushions from one of our stockists, located in NZ and around the world. Please check the 'Stockist' page on our website for an up to date list.*

These cushions have been meticulously hand made. They are structured and firm, due to their five hand crafted layers.

Inside, the first three layers are built up to sculpt our ideal bolster. Firm, but soft to the touch. An inner foam tube is wrapped in wadding, which is then enclosed by batting.

This is then inserted into a calico cover, which again is hand stitched closed, ensuring a smooth finish. The methodical handwork ensures a beautiful, hand crafted shape.

The covers are made from a brass colour velvet. The cover is removable and has a colour matched 40cm YKK invisible zip.

Diameter: 20cm. Length: 45cm. Weight: 785 grams

Made in New Zealand.

Protect from direct sunlight to avoiding fading. Dry clean cover. Air cover in shade to freshen. Do not dry clean or wet inner, just spot clean it. Air inner in shade to freshen.

Don't be afraid to vigorously plump the cushion up from time to time if it looses its shape.


Free shipping worldwide


We can also use the Honey Dew Melon Ecru to make Disc Squab Cushions. Please see the product page for 'Honey Dew Melon Ecru Disc'

Other Bolster fabric options:
Pumpkin Seed Green
Passionfruit Skin Grey
Vibrant Red
Vibrant Blue
Flax Grey
Coconut Shell Brown
Old Rose Pink
Cacoa Brown
Heavy Cotton:
Apricot Brown
Clove Dark Brown

Please email us if you would like to order a Bolster in a fabric that is not on our website but on the above list and we will send you an invoice (in NZ to pay into an ANZ account or international a PayPal invoice)